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  Field Research Trials , assists its clients in facilitating, reliable, tiemly, and accurate evaluation of their Agri-inputs , Seed , Crop Protection and Biotechnology products.

SMARTag facilitates in conducting field level trials in compliance with GLP and GEP regulations , for Field (rice , chillies , vegetables , etc.) and Plantation (Tea , etc) crops in various agro-cliamtic zones .

Smartag Services extend across most agroclimatic geographies in India , South Asia, and other Asian countries, and the US continent.

Field Research evaluations are undertaken for :

Seed (Conventional and GM)/Biotechnology Products / Cultivars  , 
Insecticides , Herbicides , Fungicides etc,
Biopesticides/Biofertilizers etc,
PGR’s , Adjuvants etc.

These include but are not limited to field product demonstrations based on clients’ preference.

Laboratory studies including Residue analysis is facilitated at recognised and accredited laboratories as per clients’ choice and preference.