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  Sustainable Practices--Field /Facility audit and Training.

Smartag performs verification of the measures participant/client has taken , that conform to the standards as per the regulations which decide any certification process. This will generally be based upon the checklist provided by the participant or the certifier.

Smartag staff is qualified and competent to perform any audit/verification of any field/process/facility that should conform to any sustainability/organic/halal or any other certification program.

The study ccould also be extended , based upon client request to cover the impact of implementation and gaps and barriers if any.

Smartag trains farmers , farmer groups, produce handling units, and other stake holders on the understanding and requirements to adopt  and adhere to sustainable practices conforming to and in compliance with the codes and established procedures and standards respecting safe and  ethical practices that do not endanger the environment and ensure sustainability.

This is to ensure the farm produce , is safer , healthier , and more environmentally friendly and also to build capability to do self audit.